Industrial and technology co-operation solutions

In close collaboration with its Clients and selected subcontractors, AEROSPACE VENTURES drives the entire process of projects definition and implementation from ‘cradle to grave’, including:

Identifying suitable tailor-made industrial solutions,

Structuring the different project’s phases,

Engineering its technical content,

Evaluating commercial implications,

Negotiating required agreements and contracts,

Delivering the solution and monitoring its implementation.

While driving the above process, AEROSPACE VENTURES accounts for the capabilities of local stakeholders and supports meeting their expectations by matching the solutions to their specific needs.

Under this perspective, proposed solutions typically consist of a balanced combination of individual activities such as transfer of technology, training, local manufacturing, maintenance repair and overhaul, strategic partnerships and the establishment of dedicated joint ventures, tailored to each specific case.

AEROSPACE VENTURES is continuously expanding its fields of activity to cater for new needs and opportunities. In addition to the traditional aerospace sector, AEROSPACE VENTURES has thus delivered to date projects in the fields of renewable energy, communications, materials, robotics and cyber security among others.

Aerospace Ventures is

continuously expanding

its fields of activity