Established in Switzerland in 1997, AEROSPACE VENTURES is one of the oldest providers of advisory services in the area of industrial and technology co-operation.Today is the leading industrial cooperation advisor and third party principal company due to its coverage to 40 countries over the years and the magnitude of offset credits delivered. Since its incorporation, AEROSPACE VENTURES has evolved considerably in terms of the range of offered solutions, geographical coverage, technological expertise and knowledge of the global industrial environment.
Today, AEROSPACE VENTURES views itself as the global leader in its sector, on the basis of:

Services rendered in more than 40 countries around the globe,

Successful delivery of more than 50 tailor-made projects, valued at several billion USD,

Vast knowledge of the global Aerospace & Defence Industry, in particular through its proprietary information portal www.epicos.com (Epicos.com),

Offerings in an ever expanding range of technological areas and industrial sectors,

Services offered to various national authorities, in support of their industrial co-operation policies.

More than 50 tailor-made projects around the globe