National Industry Support Program

AEROSPACE VENTURES has developed a unique set of tools and a proprietary methodology to evaluate and analyse local industrial capabilities of a country and to define fitting paths to further develop such industries for entering the highly competitive international Aerospace, Defence and High Tech market.
Such activity, referred to as the ‘National Industry Support Programme’ (NISP), is typically awarded by national governments, in collaboration with whom AEROSPACE VENTURES develops and agrees a tailored program. The NISP usually focuses on the domestic Aerospace, Defence & Security industries and in particular on SMEs, but can be applied to any other sector, as per the particular requirements of the Client. The programme aims at supporting governments and the local industry in the following areas:

Mapping and Analysis of the domestic industrial capabilities,

Development of new/innovate technologies, products or services,

Increased national self-sufficiency,

Export-oriented business support services, for the participating entities

Development of International Industrial Co-operation and development projects

Indigenous Industry Promotion and Marketing worldwide

Integration of local companies in international supply chains

Up to now, 16 governments around the world have awarded Aerospace Ventures the implementation of a NISP programme as illustrated in the table below.

Supporting governments & local industry