IC Strategies For Governments And Industry

AV in close cooperation with Epicos has successfully supported the industrial policy development of a number of countries. The main services that AV provides to governmental and industrial bodies are:

a. Industry Development Project

The National Industry Support Program (NISP) is targeted to domestic Aerospace, Defense & Security industries and in particular SMEs. The program aims to support governments and local industry in areas such as:

  • Mapping and Analysis of the domestic industrial capabilities
  • Development of new technologies
  • Increased self-sufficiency
  • Export oriented business support services
  • Development of International Industrial Cooperation and development projects
  • Global Industry Promotion and Marketing

These services are provided to the local companies at no cost on their behalf for a determined period of time under industrial cooperation programs or government approved financing schemes as applicable.

Up to now, more than 16 governments around the world have approved and assigned AV and Epicos the implementation of the NISP program on behalf of their local industry, such as Brazil, Colombia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Norway, Hungary etc.

b. IC and Industrial Strategy Development and Support Services

Based on the large experience and close cooperation with the industrial bodies in a large number of countries worldwide, AV is able to support governmental and industrial organizations in defining the principles and requirements of a national industrial development policies. In particular AV can perform or support the implementation of the following activities:

  • Industry Capability Survey (ICS) of the Aerospace, Defense and High Tech industry of the country.
  • Analysis of current National Procurement Policy and Plans
  • Development of a draft national development policy
  • Definition of the Implementation and Monitoring Mechanism of the Policy
  • Development and performance of customized industrial cooperation training programs
  • Support to local authorities