Global Presence

Aerospace Ventures

Head Office - Switzerland

The AV head office is in Zug, Switzerland and handles all contractual activities, as well as services for Western Europe and Americas.

AV is the industry leader as a services provider in this area and is involved in designing and structuring projects in a number of international countries primarily in the area of high technology investments. Its primary function is to provide Global Debt & Equity Sourcing for the implementation of such Industrial Projects.

South Eastern Europe - Greece.

For its South Eastern Europe operations AV has an exclusive collaboration with European Finance Associates SA (EFA) operating out of Greece.

Middle East and Northern Africa - Abu Dhabi

AV has established a branch office in Abu Dhabi that is responsible for development of customer relationships and industrial cooperation programs for the Middle East region.

The Abu Dhabi office is currently engaged in developing programs for UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman and also supports the implementation of Industrial Development activities and programs in the Middle East.

Asia - Singapore

AV office in Asia is based in Singapore and is responsible for the development of current and new markets in Asia, such as India, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.

AV has recently formed a Strategic Partnership with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to take advantage of the opportunities available in the Indian market. Through this Partnership AV is now able to provide industrial cooperation services in India.